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SAVE TIME. Big time.


- Stop spending hours building fitness class plans

- We'll build your weekly Group Fitness Class Profile

- Print or use your device 

- Get valuable time back!

Increase Your Class Sizes!

Get customized fitness class designs each week, allowing you to print for your notes or use your device during class. Word will get out that your classes are always fresh, unique and challenging. Watch your numbers skyrocket!

Click. Print. Teach!

It really IS that easy. Whether you're a Strength Training instructor, teach an outdoor Bootcamp or you lead a Vinyasa Flow, we help you keep members coming back for more!

You Have a Life. Live it!

How many hours do you spend each week compiling workouts for your classes? Too much? Not enough? Join today and we give you your life back. Save HOURS each week when we design your fitness class!

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