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Who is Fit Pro Plans? Great question!

We are a team of Certified Fitness Professionals dedicated to creating unique, thoughtful and challenging workouts that bring the mind-body experience to your students. With a combined thousands of hours of group fitness experience, our team is ready to fill a big void in the fitness world: class profiles designed for you every week that aren't part of some big conglomerate. There is no choreography to memorize and abide by. You can tweak the exercises, number of reps or sets to fit your class. There's no fitness police!

Don't get us wrong. Those big companies that put out a new release every 8 weeks and don't allow you to deviate from the instruction have their place. But if you'd rather be an individual who can offer your students individuality and a constant challenge that builds upon weeks past ... we just might become BFFs.

Our Strength Training and Bootcamp instructors are certified through that National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Our Yoga instructors are Registered Yoga Teachers who specialize in Vinyasa Slow Flow and Power Yoga.

Our Indoor Cycling instructors are Mad Dogg Athletics (Spinning) and Schwinn certified.

And we're just getting started. We plan on building onto our class offerings. So if there is a format that you'd like to see, please drop us a line. We want to hear from you!

Stop wasting hours scouring the internet, gathering your classes. Take back your time. Join today and get access to your next workout. It doesn't get easier.

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