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What Our Members Are Saying...

Bootcamp Instructor

"Becoming a Fit Pro Plans member is a game-changer. I no longer have to dig through other people's posts to find out what I'm going to do with my classes each week. I log in each week to find a new class plan. After work, I can spend time with my kids instead of being on my phone 24/7. Thank you!"

Muscle Conditioning Instructor

"I work a full-time job (not in the fitness industry) and teach group fitness in the evenings. Thanks to FPP for saving me hours of time throughout the week trying to find new "moves" to give to my classes."

Butts & Guts 

"I like to give my members a full-body workout each week, and since signing up with Fit Pro Plans, I'm able to get a solid plan layout and customize to what I know my members will love. I'm enjoying the service!"

Cycling Instructor

"For those of us who like to do a new class each week, it can take literally hours to put a class profile together AND find corresponding music that matches your plan. This takes the guesswork out, saves me valuable time, and comes with a link to the Spotify playlist. LOVE!"

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