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Fit Pro Plans: How It Works 

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Choose the classes you teach.

Sign up to get a fresh, challenging class delivered to your Membership Page each week.

Stop spending hours each week scouring the Internet in search of new ideas to keep your participants motivated and engaged.

For just $3.24 per week, you'll receive access to a brand-new, completely original fitness class to keep your participants engaged, motivated and eager to come back, week after week. 

We've all been a participant in Group Fitness Classes where the instructor does the same moves, the same number of reps, the same everything. And you know what happens? Members get bored. And inevitably, participation drops. 

We all need to be challenged!

Let us do the work for you. Let us give you detailed fitness class plans that will keep your participants coming back for more, week after week. We promise you: You'll never, ever receive the same class twice.

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